Decorative Door Options For Your Patio

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Decorative Door Options For Your Patio

17 November 2015
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Your patio is a lovely area where you can go outside and enjoy the serenity of your landscape. If you want your patio to look more attractive, upgrading your doors to more decorative styles can make this area more appealing from the inside of your home. Here are decorative door options you can use to replace your current patio entry doors.

French doors

French doors are a traditional style of patio door that is both classic and attractive in your home. French doors are known for their attractive placement of window panels, and allow you to have a beautiful view of your patio from the inside and ample space to go in and out with 2 working doors. It's also versatile in the materials you can choose from. You can buy vinyl French doors in stylish hues, such as brown, white, or black. Wooden French doors have a classic appeal, and metal French doors are sturdy and contemporary in design.

Sliding doors

Sliding patio doors are convenient for moving furniture in and out of your home without taking up space when the door is open. Sliding doors are also contemporary in style and make going in and out of the home when entertaining much easier since there is no swinging door getting in the way. A glass sliding door is a wonderful replacement for your current door if you have a small indoor area or smaller patio area, since opening a sliding door will not impose on any open space. You can make a sliding door more appealing in design by installing brass knobs and replacement glass panels in rounded designs or a solid glass piece.

Folding doors

Finally, a folding door is a wonderful option for you if you don't want a sliding door but don't want open doors taking up living space when in use. Folding doors usually involve 3 connected panels that fold into one another accordion-style when opened. These doors can be made of wood, metal, or vinyl, and are an attractive way to add a unique style to your patio's entryway. If you have a very modern patio or want a style of door that is aesthetically pleasing, folding doors are a great option for you to install.

You can upgrade your patio by installing decorative doors to give your home the appeal it needs. Whether you want classic French doors, a sliding door, or a contemporary folding style that gives your home a modern look, you will love your upgrade and what it can do to your patio's entry. For more information, contact Solar Shield Windows or a similar company.