Make Sure Your Mesh Fits Your Home's Needs

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Make Sure Your Mesh Fits Your Home's Needs

4 January 2017
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If you are purchasing and installing windows and doors, make sure that you purchase the right type of mesh to go with your new windows and doors. Here are a few specific ways that certain types of window screen mesh can fit your home's specific needs. 

#1 Pet Resistant

If you have dogs or cats in your house that like to go up to the windows and scratch their claws on the screen, you are going to want to install screens that are more sturdy and resistant to animal scratches. There are screen meshes that are designed to be "claw resistant." These types of screens will not rip as easily when your cat or dog paws at them.

Claw resistant screens are typically made out of thicker mesh, which means that not as much sunlight will pass through your window and into your home. Also, these screens should last longer than normal screens, but if your pet paws at it day and night, it will eventually break down and tear.

#2 Sun Protection

If you are sensitive to the sunlight or just don't want UV rays damaging your furniture and other items inside of your home, you can install mesh screens on your windows and doors that reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. These mesh screens can be purchased with different sun blocking ratings, so you can block out some of the UV rays that enter your home, or block out nearly all of them.

Keep in mind though that blocking out the UV rays into your home also means that not as much light is going to get into your home and your visibility, due to the type of yarn that is used in the screens, will be greatly reduced.

#3 Bug Protection

If you live somewhere where there are lots of tiny bungs around, you may want to increase your protection against the little critters via the mesh you use in your window screens. If bugs still seem to get in your house despite having screens in all your windows, what you may need are better screens that are designed to get really small bugs out of your home. These screens usually use a thicker yarn that is woven more tightly together on the screen than traditional screens. This help keep really small bugs from passing through your screens and into your home.

However, that added bug protection comes at a cost. The visibility when looking through your screen will be reduced as will the amount of sunlight that filters in through the screen into your house.

Before you install new windows and doors in your home, think carefully about what your screen protection needs are and make sure that screens that go with your new replacement windows match your households needs.