The Questions You Really Need To Ask When You Get Your Windshield Replaced

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The Questions You Really Need To Ask When You Get Your Windshield Replaced

23 September 2015
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If your windshield has a crack in it and you need to have your windshield replaced, you need to ask about more than the pricing and how long it is going to take. Here are the questions you really need to ask when looking for a company to replace your windshield.

Who Makes The Glass You Use?

The first thing you need to do is find out who makes the glass that the glass company will use to replace your windshield. There are two primary types of companies that make replacement windshields:

  1. Original Equipment Manufactures: These manufacturers are the same ones who made the original windshield for your vehicle. The windshields will be identical to the ones you already have.
  2. Aftermarket Manufactures: These types of manufacturers make windshields that are designed to fit specific vehicles; however, they differ in very small ways from the original windshields.

If you want your windshield to be exactly like the one that came with your vehicle, you'll want to go with a windshield replacement company that uses original equipment manufacture windows. If it isn't important for you to have a windshield that looks exactly like your current windshield, then you can go with a windshield replacement company that uses aftermarket windows.

Will The Shade Band On The Glass Match Your Old Glass?

Next, you need to find out if the shade band on the replacement glass will match the current shade band on your windshield. The shade band runs across the top of your windshield and protects you from the glare of the sun when you are driving.

Will The Windshield Have The Correct Bracket For Your Rear View Mirror?

In order for your review view mirror to stay in place, your new windshield needs to have the correct brackets to keep it secure. If your windshield does not have the correct brackets, your rear view mirror will not stay in place and you will need to purchase a new one.

What Type Of Trim Molding Will Be Used?

Finally, find out what type of molding they will be using.

A universal trim molding will hold your window in place, but it will not look the same as your old molding. It may become loose as well over time since it was not specifically designed for your vehicle.

The trim molding designed specifically for your vehicle will hold your window in place and will look exactly like your current molding. It will stay secure over time.

When you call up window replacement companies, don't just ask about their pricing and availability. Ask detailed questions about the type of window and molding they will use to ensure that your replacement window will look exactly how you want it to.

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