Get Ready For Your Close Up: How To Dress Your Home's Windows For Fall

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Get Ready For Your Close Up: How To Dress Your Home's Windows For Fall

24 September 2015
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As the hot sun of summer slowly give way to the blustery winds of fall, you're going to want to slightly change your home's decor around to reflect the changing season. After all, those brightly colored Hawai'ian flowers in your entryway might have been perfect for the summer months, but will look a little odd as leaves start to change and the temperature drops. But how do you know where to start in your fervor to redecorate? Look to your windows. If you're looking for ways to change your windows from summertime shades to autumn delights, then here's what you need to know.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Summer is home to many delightful things -- but bugs, dirt, and pollen aren't among those delightful things. One easy way to shuck off the shackles of summer is to give your windows (and screens, and windowsills) a good, thorough washing. Getting rid of the gunk will enable you to start fresh with new, fall-themed decorations (see below) without still carrying the dirty laundry of summer. 

A quick tip to getting your windows super-clean: tackle them one step at a time (starting with a small area like the sills will make it easier to focus on bigger jobs like the screen later) and use the proper equipment. For large windows, ditch the rags and opt for a squeegee for a streak-free finish.

How Much Is That Box in the Window?

Window boxes aren't just for spring gardens -- you can actually make a lovely fall-themed window box to usher in the colder season. Start with flowers that tend to thrive in the autumn months -- such as toad lilies, yellow waxbells, and monkshood -- to put in your box first, then add a definitive fall flavor with squashes and gourds. Pumpkin is always a good bet to get the fall feelings going, but really anything in the squash/gourd family will be perfect.

The Final Curtain

The finishing touch on any fall-themed window should definitely be a pair of killer curtains. Stay away from flamboyant designs and prints -- after all, curtains with black cats or flying brooms will only be appropriate for about a week of fall -- and instead lean on a more fall-like color scheme. Deeper reds, greens, golds, oranges, any color found on autumn trees, will be a perfect finishing touch for your windows. Don't be afraid to go for a heavier fabric. Unlike the breezy, see-though fabrics you've used in the summer, fall is perfect for a heavier window coverings like damask to welcome the incoming winter.