How To Secure Your Patio Door After A Break-in

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How To Secure Your Patio Door After A Break-in

2 October 2015
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Sliding glass doors make a beautiful addition to your home, but they also represent a weak spot in your home's security. If your home has been broken into using your glass doors as an entry point, you'll need to have the doors repaired. You may also want to consider some proactive steps you can take to prevent future break-ins. Here are a few things to think about when you schedule your glass door repair.

Add New Locks

When your glass door repair specialist replaces the broken glass or repairs the damaged door frame after a break-in, discuss the different lock options available to you. Thumb locks at the top of the door or chain locks can help to prevent the door from being pushed open, or you may consider the more traditional route of placing a dowel rod in the track at night to block the door from opening at all. Your door repair person can help you come up with unique ideas to secure the doors and prevent future break-ins.

Add Security Bars

All the locks in the world won't prevent a would-be thief from smashing the glass on your doors to gain entry into your home. Security or burglar bars can prevent glass breakage, keeping your home secure. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of burglar bars, talk to your door repair expert about decorative options that complement the exterior decor of your home for a more attractive, seamless look. Consider adding matching security bars to the first floor and basement windows of your home for an added layer of protection.

Install Glass Breakage Sensors

If you already have a home security system, consider adding glass breakage sensors to your sliding glass doors and your windows. These sensors can be set up to send a silent alarm to your control panel, which then alerts your security company of the breach in your perimeter. They can also be configured to sound an audible alarm that deters the burglar from attempting entry into your home while also alerting the alarm company. If you don't want to spend the money on a security system, you can add a simple stand-alone door sensor that sounds an alert or emits a flashing light. No matter which type of sensor you choose, it is advisable to use them in conjunction with one of the other two options listed here.

A glass door repair technician, such as Cheaper Window Glass, can install any of these devices while repairing your door. Ask about any other security features offered for your windows and doors to make your home more secure and to get your peace of mind back after a break-in.