How Proper Window And Door Installation Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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How Proper Window And Door Installation Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

9 October 2015
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Adding new doors and windows to your home increases its overall value and improves function and appearance. While these may be the main reasons why you've decided to replace your outdated pieces, there is something else to consider as well—energy efficiency. Most new doors and windows are likely more energy efficient than the ones you have, especially if your windows and doors are over 15 years old. But there are specialized energy saving models that are even more eco-friendly. New window and door installation combined with other measures can help your home become more energy savvy. Here's how.

Air Loss Prevention

One of the biggest issues with old doors is that air can easily flow through the door, around the handles and around its perimeter. Make sure you choose a contractor who does more than just measure and install for a new door. For optimal efficiency, he will ensure that the foundation of your home, specifically the area where the door will be is level and insulated. Rolled insulation underneath the foyer provides an additional barrier of cold air resistance. Installing a high-energy efficient door with foam core insulation helps to prevent air loss and keeps cold air at bay.

Less Leaks And Cracks

Air can seep in through drafty doors and windows. When you have them replaced with new energy-efficient models an airtight seal is formed. To make sure they provide optimal protection from the elements, proper weatherstripping may have to be installed as well. Foam tape insulation and proper caulking techniques are good methods of weatherproofing, and help to seal up cracks and even out the trim. This reduces the chances of warm air escaping through door and window jambs during the winter months.   

Ease Of Use

Another added benefit of new windows and doors will be their overall improved performance. New doors, when installed properly close tightly and securely. Properly installed windows are easy to open and close and should seal properly. High performance windows that are tinted or insulated with built-in light-reducing blinds help shade each room from the scorching sun in the summer and allow the heat from the sunlight to reach inside in the winter. These easy features found in most eco-friendly window types eliminating the need to hang heavy drapes and cumbersome mini-blinds.

More Fresh Air

When you have new windows installed, being able to easily open them during warm days allows the air and breeze from outside to cool your home. Keeping new windows open helps to keep summer HVAC bills down. The less you have to run your air conditioner, the better on your pocket book and less stress on your air conditioning unit.

New energy-friendly windows and doors are designed to make a difference on your heating and cooling bills. Making sure they are properly installed is the only assurance that you will see the biggest cost saving reward.