Repainting Wooden Window Frames: Should You Do It Before Or After Window Installation?

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Repainting Wooden Window Frames: Should You Do It Before Or After Window Installation?

19 May 2016
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If you have a really old house with wooden window frames and wooden clapboard siding, and you are about to replace the majority of the windows, you may be wondering about the appearance of the window frames. You could just replace the frames entirely with vinyl window frames when you replace the windows, but if you want to stay true to the style of the home, then that is not an option. Instead, you can scrape, sand and repaint the window frames so that they look as new and as refreshed as the windows themselves. There is just one problem--which do you do first? Install the new windows and then repaint, or repaint and then install the new windows? Here is some helpful advice to point you in the right direction.

Painting First

It is almost always a good idea to scrape, sand and repaint or stain your window frames before the new windows are installed. This is especially true if you have really thick window frames and sills that will sit on top of or very close to the edges of the areas you intend to repaint or stain. That way the new windows will not be needlessly marred or splattered with the paint/stain, and since the old windows are going to be recycled or destroyed, it does not really matter what lands on them. If you intend to help the window installation experts by removing your old windows first, then definitely repaint or stain your window frames before window installation. (Plan to do this project a few days in advance of your window installation date so that the fresh paint or stain has had time to dry and you have had enough time to scrape, sand and refinish the frames and sills.)

Window Installation First

In the event that your window installation expert says that your window frames will need some new construction or adjustments before the windows can be installed, wait for the windows to be installed first before you repaint. That way you have not spent several hours or even days scraping, sanding and repainting or staining the window frames and sills only to have the window installers remove parts of the frames/sills or add to them. If they add to the existing frames to help the windows stay put, then you are going to have to paint these parts as well, so you are better off waiting until you know for sure that you will not be making extra work for yourself or having some of your hard work wasted.

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