3 Reasons To Tint Your Storefront Windows

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3 Reasons To Tint Your Storefront Windows

9 July 2018
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Large windows are common on storefronts in urban areas. These windows provide light for a commercial space, but they can be a nuisance if your building is situated so that direct sunlight shines through the windows during business hours.

Adding a professional tint to your storefront windows can be a beneficial way to improve the function of your commercial space.

1. Tint can reduce operating costs.

Windows provide an avenue for solar energy to enter your commercial space. This solar energy can increase the interior temperature within your retail store, requiring you to turn your thermostat down in order to maintain a comfortable environment. The lower your thermostat setting must be, the more you will end up paying in energy costs each month.

The specialized film used to tint commercial windows allows light energy to pass through but prevents heat energy from penetrating your commercial space. Solar heat is reflected back out into the environment, allowing you to reduce your operating costs over time.

2. Tint can protect your merchandise.

One of the dangers posed by large windows in a commercial space is the possibility that UV rays will damage merchandise you set up on display. Exposure to UV rays can cause the bright colors in paint or textiles to fade away over time. Merchandise that has been damaged by UV exposure can be difficult to sell, as it will look used and lackluster.

By tinting the windows in your commercial space, you can effectively prevent UV rays from entering your retail space. This will protect your merchandise from fading and preserve the integrity of your displays in the future.

3. Tint can increase the security of your retail store.

Theft is something that all retail stores worry about. Windows act as a weak point in the building envelope of your commercial space. A burglar can easily break through the untreated glass in order to gain access to the merchandise within your store.

Security tint is a thick film that is placed over the surface of your existing windows. This thick film provides added reinforcement to your storefront glass. This makes a tinted window much harder to break.

Would-be criminals know that they will likely draw unwanted attention if they attempt to break a tinted window, so they will be more likely to target a storefront with untreated glass.

Window tinting can be a valuable asset when it comes to improving the operation of your retail store. Use window tint to reduce operating costs, protect merchandise from UV exposure, and bolster your store's security in the future.