How To Keep Your New Glass Shower Doors Clean

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How To Keep Your New Glass Shower Doors Clean

30 November 2018
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Few things are as satisfying as looking through your brand new, glass shower doors and seeing not a single streak or scratch. If you want your new doors to stay looking like this, you'll need to take great care of them. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Apply a streak-prevention spray.

Much like the rain-shedding products you might spray on your car's windshield, there are water-shedding sprays you can apply to your glass shower doors. These sprays ensure water runs down the shower door and sheds quickly, rather than beading up and drying in place. Look for such a spray at your local home goods store, and apply it according to the instructions on the package. Generally, the door must be dry when you apply the product, and you'll need to apply two coats, spaced about 30 minutes apart. The instructions may tell you to re-apply the product once a week or once a month, too.

Use a squeegee.

A lot of the streaks and smudges on glass shower doors come from mineral buildup. When water is left on the door, it evaporates -- but the minerals it contains are left behind on the door. Over time, the mineral deposits become quite thick, giving the door a cloudy look. They're tough to remove, and attempting to remove them can scratch and damage the glass permanently. To reduce mineral buildup, keep a squeegee in your shower, and use it to wipe water off the shower doors after every use. Make sure you squeegee from top to bottom to minimize the amount of water you leave behind.

Install a water softener.

Another way to minimize mineral buildup is to install a water softener. This device will extract minerals from the water as it enters your home, so they do not end up on the shower door.

Use a commercial cleaner.

Once a week, or perhaps every other week if only one or two people use the shower, spray the door down with a commercial-grade glass cleaner, and then wipe the cleaner away. You can buy this type of cleaner at most home improvement stores, like Home Depot. They tend to do a more thorough job of removing water deposits than cleaners meant for residential use.

To learn more about caring for your glass shower door, reach out to a door company, like A United Window Inc. They generally have care instructions they can provide to customers.