Notice That Your Front Door Frame Is Damaged? Get A Replacement Frame To Avoid Problems

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Notice That Your Front Door Frame Is Damaged? Get A Replacement Frame To Avoid Problems

2 February 2019
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Is the door frame surrounding the front door of your home damaged in some way? If you are noticing cracks, holes, or any other type of damage, you may want to fix it now before it becomes more of a concern for you while preventing the door from closing the way that it should. Those small holes and cracks can easily turn into a home for different types of insects while making it easier for rodents and other pests to get right into your property from the outside. If you want to avoid these problems, find a professional who can help with replacing the door frame for you.

What Is the Replacement Process Like?

A few essential steps are followed by professionals when replacing the door frames. Before the replacement frame is installed, the door must be removed from the hinges and set aside in a safe area where it is not going to get damaged. After removing the door, the old frame needs to get pulled off and thrown out. The professional would need to take measurements of your door frame to see how long and wide the replacement frame should be prior to getting started with the installation. You can choose the specific type of frame you would prefer having for your front door, but most people choose a wood frame because it looks good and lasts long enough.

The next step involves installing the wood frame replacement to the sides of the door that was removed in the beginning and making sure the hinges are put back in place. When the frame is screwed directly on the front door, the professional may then install the door in the correct spot, checking to make sure that everything is secure before completing the job. You can even test it for yourself by opening and closing the door, along with locking it to check that it was installed correctly.

Is It Expensive to Have the Frame Replaced?

Some people avoid having the door frame replaced for far too long because they think they are going to need to spend a lot of money, but that is not true. A frame replacement should not cost you too much. If you want to have the work done at the ideal price, you can look around for different professionals that can do the job correctly while offering decent rates.

Have your door frame replaced if it is damaged to keep pests from getting into your home and to prevent additional problems. The replacement process is quite simple and should only take a few hours of the day to complete. Visit a site like for more help.