Four Things You Should Remember When You Replace Doors On The Interior Of Your Home

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Four Things You Should Remember When You Replace Doors On The Interior Of Your Home

1 July 2019
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The interior doors of your home are used every day to make your interior more orderly and comfortable. If you need to replace interior doors, it's important that you do so the right way to avoid any possible inconveniences.

The following are four things you should remember when you replace doors on the interior of your home to make sure that your new doors function effectively:

The purpose of your door replacement project

Perhaps the number one consideration is why you're replacing your door. If you're simply replacing your door because the original door was old and no longer functioning properly, you can buy a replacement door that is similar to the original.

On the other hand, you may be buying a replacement door in order to upgrade or find a replacement door with better functionality. In this case, you can limit your replacement door search by narrowing down the material considerations and functionality advantages you are looking for. 

The type of door you're selecting

There are numerous options out there for the type of replacement interior door you can choose. Some options that you'll want to consider include French doors, accordion doors, bi-fold doors, wood doors, faux wood doors, and fire-resistant doors.

It's important to analyze the various merits of all these different interior door type options to find the best one for your particular situation. 

The trim around the door

An interior door needs to match up well with the trim around it. This means that you'll need to consider whether you're going to change your door trim along with replacing your interior door. 

It's probably going to look best if you replace your trim when you replace your door. This way you'll avoid a situation where your trim looks aged and/or faded while your door looks brand new so that the two don't seem to match up properly. 

Whether your replacement door is slab or pre-hung

Two basic varieties of interior door are slab doors and pre-hung doors. A pre-hung door is any door with a jamb that is already in place on the door itself. A slab door will be worked into a separate jamb that is built into the wall itself.

You need to look at your previous door to see whether it's slab or pre-hung. It's best to choose replacement doors that are the same in this regard as your original door for the sake of simplicity.