What To Look For In A Vinyl Window Supplier

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What To Look For In A Vinyl Window Supplier

30 September 2019
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Vinyl windows are a smart replacement choice for old wooden windows or for outdated vinyl windows that never really prevented drafts or prevented excess sunlight from bleaching furniture and window treatments. There are many vinyl window suppliers available, from the big-box home remodelling stores all the way down to the windows-only companies. As you get started on your search for a window supplier that has what your home needs, keep the following things in mind. 

Does the Supplier Also Make Windows?

A window supplier that is also the window manufacturer is often a better choice. If something goes wrong with one of the windows, you can contact the supplier/manufacturer, and the problem can be resolved in a single phone call. Additionally, this type of supplier is more likely to bring you a fresh new window to replace the damaged one, and you will not have to wait for months to get it. 

Are the Windows Primarily Steel or Plastic/Vinyl?

If you set two windows side by side, and one was a steel frame with vinyl window, and the other window was primarily plastic/vinyl, could you tell them apart? Why would you want to tell them apart? Well, for one, the steel frame and vinyl window will often last a lot longer than its strictly plastic/vinyl counterpart. Two, there is more than likely a bigger warranty/guarantee on the steel frame version of the same window, which means that if something were to go really wrong, the window supplier would replace it quickly and easily. You might not get such a guarantee from a supplier that sells strictly vinyl/plastic windows.

Does the Supplier Do More Than Windows?

Windows and doors go hand in hand together, but if a window supplier does something other than windows, such as food delivery, you might want to rethink that supplier. It is too hard to tell which business such a supplier is really into, and not having a focus that carries over into related products is not a good idea. Additionally, if a window supplier sells other things, like garage door openers, garages, and porch lighting, then it is a safe bet that the supplier is one with whom you want to conduct safe construction business. It is helpful and convenient, too, to have a window supplier in the business of selling doors because you may need both your windows and your doors replaced simultaneously.