Don't Forget to Make Good Use of Your Window Blinds or Shades in the Winter

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Don't Forget to Make Good Use of Your Window Blinds or Shades in the Winter

17 December 2019
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When you think of window blinds or shades, you probably think about ensuring privacy for your family or blocking the hot sun on a warm winter's day. But your window blinds can also serve you in several ways even in the middle of winter. Here's why you might want to make use of your blinds or shades more often this winter or install some new blinds on windows that don't yet have any.

Blinds and Shades Can Help Insulate Your House

If you are dealing with a seriously drafty window, the best solution might be a new window installation. If the problem isn't too bad, you can keep your warm, heated air inside the house by using your shades or blinds to keep air from leaking out. A good set of closed blinds or a window shade acts as a physical barrier that will keep the air inside your house where you want it and may also help block out any cold air trying to get in from outside. Install a new set of blinds or shades on every window throughout the house and you might notice a difference in your monthly heating bills.

Snow and Ice Mixed with the Sun Can Create Glare

If you've recently gone through a blizzard, there's probably lots of snow outside on the ground. When the sun comes back out, it might shine down onto the snow or ice and bounce off, causing glare. This sun glare due to interaction with the snow could cause the light to come into your house in a way that makes you feel especially uncomfortable. Having a set of blinds set up will keep the sunlight outside where it belongs.

UV Rays Still Exist

Just because the sun isn't heating up in your neck of the woods doesn't mean it suddenly stopped sending down ultraviolet rays. Even if there is no snow-related sun glare to deal with, allowing the sun to shine directly into your home can have consequences even during the colder months of the year. If you have a room of the house where furniture is being hit by the sunlight, certain types of fabric like leather will begin to fade over time due to this exposure. Pull down a set of blinds or shades and you'll help preserve your furniture and other valuables.

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