5 Motorized Window Shade Considerations

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5 Motorized Window Shade Considerations

24 June 2021
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Motorized window shades come in a variety of styles and colors, and they can even be custom made to fit your non-standard window sizes. There are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the shades.

1. Power Source

There are three main types of power sources — battery, wall outlet, and wired. Battery-powered shades have no cords or wiring needs, making them easy to install yourself. They can be difficult for high windows where reaching the head rail for a battery replacement is a challenge. Those that plug into a wall outlet can also be DIY installed, although the drawbacks are that the window must have a nearby outlet and the cord can be unattractive. The best option is likely the hard-wired option, where an electrician installs the blinds into your home's main electrical lines.

2. Operation Controls

The next thing to consider is the type of main operation controls that are available. Some blinds are controlled by a wall panel, so there are no worries about losing the remote. Just make sure the panel can be installed in an easy-to-reach place. Remote control options are also popular, and they do provide convenience. Dual methods feature both a remote and wall panel.

3. Programmable Options

For utmost convenience, consider motorized blinds with a programmable option. This allows you to put the blinds on a timer so that they open and close at certain preset times, whether you are home to do so or not. This can be especially useful as a security precaution when you are traveling, as your home will still look like someone is home if the blinds are being adjusted daily. 

4. Smart Home Integration

If you have a smart home system installed, then make sure the motorized shades you are looking at can be integrated into your current system. Many shades have their own control apps along with compatibility with some of the most popular smart home automation providers. You can check with your automation provider or the shades' manufacturer to confirm compatibility.

5. Shade Styles

Finally, don't choose function solely over style. Motorized shades come in a variety of types. Cellular shades, for example, provide privacy and natural light, but they must be fully opened to provide a view. Light-blocking blinds are a good idea for bedrooms, but they can still be opened to provide a view and light with some privacy. Make sure the style you choose meets your specific needs.

Contact a custom motorized shades dealer to learn more about the options.