3 Reasons Why You Need Window Blinds

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3 Reasons Why You Need Window Blinds

9 September 2021
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If you've always used curtains as your window coverings of choice, you may be wondering why many homeowners today are opting for window blinds. For most households, this was because blinds are easy to install and they can instantly transform indoor spaces.

If you're contemplating trying out custom blinds, this article will tell you why you'll be glad you made that choice.

1. Control the Intensity of Natural Light

A common feature nearly every homeowner requires is to control the intensity of natural light streaming into their indoor spaces during the day. Curtains definitely serve this purpose, but their flexibility is limited because they're often made of fabrics that have a specific light diffusion capacity. Blinds on the other hand allow you to diffuse or completely block light.

Since there is a wide selection of blinds that come in varied slat sizes, you can tilt your blinds in a number of different ways to set the mood for different rooms in your home. These fixtures allow you to dictate how much light can stream into your house depending on the time of the day and how you're feeling.

2. Enhance Privacy

This is perhaps the most important advantage you can gain by installing custom window blinds. These fixtures guarantee that strangers won't peek into your indoor spaces, even when you're away. Blinds' heightened level of privacy can be attributed to the slated design. You can configure your custom blinds in such a fashion that you can explore your outdoor spaces but block out prying eyes.

Maximum privacy gives you peace of mind knowing that strangers can't spy on you and opportunistic burglars won't have the motivation to break into your home. 

You should consider getting top-down blinds which you can operate from either side. These fixtures are perfect for your bathroom's high windows because you can open them at the top to allow in natural light without compromising your privacy.

3. Reduce Window Maintenance

Blinds are easier to maintain when compared to fabric window coverings. All that's required to keep them clean is to routinely wipe them with a damp cloth. Curtains, on the other hand, have to be cleaned every few weeks to ensure dust and debris accumulation don't etch into the fabric.

In addition, window blinds don't need to be rehung several times throughout their lifetime because you can clean them without bringing them down. Conversely, curtains have to be rehung after they've been washed or dry cleaned. 

Regardless of the number of windows your household has, not having to bring down and rehang window coverings every few months can be quite a relief.

Now that you've discovered these interesting facts about blinds, be sure to engage a window covering specialist for custom blind installation.