Building A New Home? How To Choose Between Bow And Bay Windows

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Building A New Home? How To Choose Between Bow And Bay Windows

3 November 2021
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When it comes to designing your own home, you want to make sure that you get all of the details just right. One way to do that is to focus on one element at a time. This is especially beneficial where your windows are concerned. If you've decided to add a few extra details, it's time to consider adding bow or bay windows to your home. Bow and bay windows are an excellent way to spruce up your home, and add resale value at the same time. However, bow and bay windows each have specific benefits you'll need to choose from. Here are four tips that will help you choose between bow and bay windows for your home. 

Bay Windows Add More Space

If you're designing your kitchen, and you're looking for a way to add a bit more space to the eat-in dining area, bay windows are the best option. Bay windows come in a three-window construction and are designed to extend out beyond the foundation. Depending on how much extra space you want, you can extend your bay windows to accommodate a small breakfast nook. You can also use the same concept to add a reading nook by installing a bay window in the family room. 

Bay Windows Provide More Light

If you're looking to utilize as much natural light in your home as possible, the best thing you can do is incorporate bay windows into the design. Because of the three-window design, bay windows allow you to receive natural light from three different angles. That design allows you to reduce your dependency on artificial light. You can add bay windows to any room where you want to increase the amount of natural light. In fact, you can incorporate a bay window into your ensuite so that you can enjoy natural light while you soak in the tub. 

Bow Windows Can Be Customised

If you're designing your home to have a Victorian flair, it's time to take a closer look at bow windows. One of the great things about bow windows is that they can be customized to fit in any area of the home, including the corners. This is especially beneficial when you want to create a wrap-around effect for your windows. 

Bow Windows Offer Better Ventilation

Finally, if you want to increase ventilation in your home, and you like to open your windows for the fresh air, bow windows may be your best option. Bow windows utilize a casement window construction, which means that each window can open independently. As a result, when you choose bow windows, you'll have increased ventilation. 

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