The Pros and Cons of Double Hung Windows Vs. Single Hung

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The Pros and Cons of Double Hung Windows Vs. Single Hung

31 January 2022
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Old windows are often drafty and energy inefficient. They also tend to let a lot of noise into your home. When your old windows aren't working for you anymore, choosing replacement windows can be a great investment that provides many benefits with very few disadvantages. One of the most popular options in the country is the double-hung window. But is it really better than single-hung? Here are a few of the pros and cons to consider.



When it comes to ventilation, double-hung windows by far outperform single-hung windows. That's because there are more options in order to create the best flow through your home. Double-hung windows have two sashes that both operate independently. You can open the top sash to release the heat that's risen to the ceiling. You can open the bottom sash to allow cool air in from outside. You can also open both sashes at the same time. With a single hung window, you only have one option.

Easy Maintenance

Another major benefit of double-hung windows over single-hung is the option to tilt the sash forward into the home so you can access the exterior pane. This is a massive improvement over single hung because it means that you can clean the windows from inside rather than having to remove screens and climb atop precarious ladders. The ease of maintenance is a feature that's hard to beat.


Double-hung windows have a benefit over single hung windows that can greatly benefit families with young children. Because you can operate both sashes, it's easy to open a top sash for ventilation that's out of reach of your children so you don't have to worry about accidents.



The biggest disadvantage of double-hung windows is that they cost more than single hung. You can expect to pay around $150 to $650 per window compared to a cost between $100 and $400 for single hung windows. However, many homeowners consider the added long-term benefits worth the short-term expense.


Because they have fewer moving parts, single-hung windows are easier to install. That means that double-hung windows take more time to install and that will also affect the final price of the windows.

Less Efficient

Another drawback of double-hung vs. single hung is a loss in efficiency due to additional moving parts as opposed to the sealed pane and single moving sash on the single hung window. 

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