3 Ways Motorized Blinds Make Your Home Safer

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3 Ways Motorized Blinds Make Your Home Safer

13 July 2022
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Window treatments can have a significant impact on the feel and function of a room. Homeowners looking to increase their home's safety without spending a lot of money should consider motorized shades for their windows.

Motorized shades offer a number of unique benefits that can reduce the risk of accidents and help preserve the safety of your home. Here are three specific ways that your home will be safer after you install motorized shades.

1. Protection Against Falls

Falls from even a minimal height have the potential to cause injury. This is especially true for senior citizens. Manually operated shades require that a string be pulled or a rod twisted to open and close properly.

If you have to stand on a stool or lean over a stairwell to reach the string or rod, you put yourself at risk of suffering from a fall. Motorized shades eliminate this fall potential by allowing you to operate the window shades in your home using a remote control.

You can open and close your motorized shades with the simple push of a button, which will protect you against the injuries you could sustain if you fall while trying to manually open your shades.

2. Eliminates an Entanglement Hazard

If you have young children and/or pets in your home, you know how difficult it can be to keep an eye on these wards at all times. The cords that come with many manually operated shades can pose a serious safety risk for children and pets.

Statistics show that window blinds are the leading cause of injury for children under the age of 6. The long cords attached to traditional blinds can be an entanglement hazard.

Your child or pet could get wrapped up in the cords while looking out the window, and be unable to set themselves free. Cord entanglement can lead to a loss of circulation or even suffocation.

Motorized shades have no hanging cords for your children or pets to get caught in, which makes them the safest option for your home's windows.

3. Prevents Home Invasion

Do you ever worry about the security of your home when your family is away on vacation? When you have motorized shades installed on your windows, you can eliminate this worry.

Motorized shades can be programmed to open and close automatically throughout the day. Setting a program to run while your family is away will give the appearance that someone is still in the home. This is often enough to deter criminals, helping you prevent a home invasion.

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