A Few Things To Know About Getting A Window Well Replacement

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A Few Things To Know About Getting A Window Well Replacement

13 September 2022
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If water is leaking into your basement through your window or seeping through the concrete due to your window well holding water, it could be time for a window well replacement. If you have an old metal window well, it might be a rusty eyesore and need to be replaced. You might even be renovating your basement and need to put in a new window and well to meet current codes. Here are a few things to know about a window well replacement.

You'll Want To Check On Requirements

If your current window well is old, it may not be up to local codes, but your new well has to comply with current codes. You might even need to build the well to meet specifications set by your home insurance company. Learn about these regulations before you start planning your well. Codes are in place for safety reasons and to protect your foundation from water damage.

You Can Choose The Material And Style

Window wells are made from different materials, and the material chosen will affect the appearance of your property. You can choose a simple galvanized metal well or a well made from concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. Your well might be a curved wall or rectangular and large enough to allow you to exit your basement through the window. The well always needs to be wider than the window so the soil is held back and the window is able to open fully.

Your Well Needs A Cover

Window wells are buried in the ground and most are not very high, so it's possible someone could fall in the well at night or when they stumble while working in your yard. It's important to have a cover for your well to prevent this from happening. Window wells often come in kits with a cover made to fit. The cover snaps on the well to keep people from falling in, but it can be popped off from the inside to allow you to escape your basement in an emergency.

A Window Well Needs Good Drainage

At the very least, your well needs gravel in the bottom so rain can drain into the soil. However, to comply with codes, you might need to install a drain too. A drain protects your foundation by catching water and releasing it far away from your house.

The window well replacement company can help you decide on the right type of well to install and make sure your new well is up to code. They'll answer all of your questions so you understand the installation process and all the changes they need to make to upgrade your new well.

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