Benefits Of Maintaining Storm Windows

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Benefits Of Maintaining Storm Windows

1 December 2022
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If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may need to install storm windows. Homeowners usually install these windows on the exterior of their home's primary single-pane windows. However, as your storm windows age, they may be susceptible to damage, calling for storm window repair. Here are the pros of routine storm window maintenance.

Money Savings

Old storm windows may wear out fast. For instance, the windows may break upon impact with hard objects. Also, the wood window frames may bend or break due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Moreover, metal frames may rust due to excess moisture. Hence, you may need to repair your windows frequently, which may not be economical in the long term. Eventually, you may need to install new, expensive storm windows. Timely storm window repair keeps your windows in excellent shape, saving you from unnecessary storm window repair or replacement expenses.

Home Value

Storm window damage, including shattering and cracking, may make your home look unkempt. Additionally, mold growth on your storm windows may risk your health by triggering allergies. This may lower your home's value as buyers want an attractive, risk-free home. Storm window maintenance may include fixing broken windows and removing molds. This improves your overall property aesthetics, which may increase home value. Hence, potential real estate investors may be attracted to your home quickly and invest a reasonable amount of money in your property.

Energy Savings

Ideally, efficient storm windows have insulation that prevents heat loss. If the insulation gets damaged, heat may escape quickly to the outdoors. Therefore, your heater may run for longer hours to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Storm window repair may entail inspecting the insulation and solving the problems. For instance, the window frames may be loose, reducing air tightness. In such cases, storm window repair fixes insulation issues, which saves energy.

Operational Efficiency

Damaged storm windows usually have lower operational efficiency. For instance, the windows may not offer full storm protection, and debris like boulders may break your primary windows. Also, stormwater may enter your home, resulting in flooding. Remember that excess water in your home may cause water damage, like the rotting of wooden components. Hence, you may spend a lot of money on water restoration interventions. Storm window repair maintains your window's efficiency, preserving your primary home windows and your home against water damage.

Storm window repairs can save money and energy, increase your window's operational efficiency, and increase home value. Consider hiring a storm window repair service to enjoy these benefits.