Make These Decisions When You Shop For Hurricane Shutters

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Make These Decisions When You Shop For Hurricane Shutters

8 March 2023
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Hurricane shutters are the best way to protect your home from damage during a major storm. By covering your windows with a durable barrier, the shutters will keep the windows intact and the interior of your home dry. A store that specializes in these shutters carries all sorts of options for you to consider. If this will be your first time shopping for hurricane shutters, it's useful to visit the store and speak to an experienced salesperson. There are lots of important decisions to make as you narrow down your choices, including the following.


Hurricane shutters are available in several different materials, each of which offers its own advantages. Your local supplier may have shutters in such materials as steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate. A lot of homeowners choose steel and aluminum because of their durability. Polycarbonate, which is a polymer, can be enticing because it's typically lighter in weight than the other materials. This makes for an easier installation, which may save you money. Additionally, some polycarbonate hurricane shutters are clear, which can allow you to see through them when they're covering the windows.


Although it's merely a cosmetic decision, it's also important to think about what color you want these shutters to be. While the color won't matter during a storm, the shutters will be visible during fair weather when they're in the open position. Some people like shutters that have a neutral look that won't draw attention. A product that is the same color as your home's siding may be appealing if you have this mindset. Others favor brighter hurricane shutters that add a splash of color to the exterior of the residence. If you're leaning toward choosing a bright color, make sure to select a hue that complements the siding.

Type Of Operation

There are all sorts of hurricane shutters on the market, so you'll need to decide how you want yours to operate. One popular type is known as roll-down, which means that a housing that holds the shutter is mounted above the window. When you need to cover the window, you simply roll the shutter down over the window and lock it in place. Another popular type is hinged, with one shutter positioned on each side of the window. To close these shutters, you move them away from the side of your home and over the window. Hinged hurricane shutters often have a traditional look that many people appreciate.