3 Signs That You Need New Dual Pane Glass In Your Windows

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3 Signs That You Need New Dual Pane Glass In Your Windows

20 April 2023
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If your double-glazed window frames are in good shape, but you have problems with their glass panes, then you don't necessarily need to install new windows. You might be able to fix the problem by installing new dual pane glass into existing frames.

What are the signs that you might need new glass in your windows?

1. Significant Damage

Window glass doesn't perform correctly if it gets damaged. While you might be able to buff out minor scratches and marks, more significant damage is a sign that the glass is now compromised.

For example, if you have cracks, pitted holes, or chips in a dual pane window, then the glass is no longer whole. It won't be as strong as it was and is more likely to break completely in the future. For example, a strong wind or impact could make a crack, pit, or chip spread and widen until the glass breaks.

If you have this type of damage on one or more of your windows, then you need to replace the glass. This is the only way to fully restore your window's integrity and strength.

2. Interior Condensation

Dual pane windows help you insulate your home. They contain two panes of glass with a specialty gas between them. This system creates an effective barrier between your home and its outdoor environment.

However, if your glass develops a problem, say because of a break in a pane's edge, then you might start to see condensation inside the window. You can't wipe this condensation off because it sits between the window's two panes of glass.

Interior condensation is a sign of dual pane failure. Air is getting inside the glass's structure when it shouldn't. The window won't have the same levels of insulation as it did.

To restore the window, you can replace its panes with new ones. Once correctly sealed in place, your new dual panes will provide better insulation once again.

3. Misaligned Grids

Some homeowners install dual pane windows which contain grids. These decorative grids make modern windows look like older designs. They sit between the two panes of glass.

Over time, grids can move out of place. They might simply lose their adhesion. Or, they might move after an impact to the window. Once a grid moves, the window looks odd. To restore your grid design, you can have your current glass removed and replaced.

To get started, contact dual pane glass replacement companies. They can take a look at your windows and replace any glass that has reached the end of its working life. For more information on dual pane glass replacement, contact a professional near you.