Perforated Vinyl - Attractive Signage For Windows

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Perforated Vinyl - Attractive Signage For Windows

16 June 2023
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A vehicle wrap will advertise your business when you are on the road. Perforated vinyl is used to cover the windows in a vehicle. Learn how this type of product is constructed. Then, choose a design layout that will draw attention to your vehicle.

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl is used to make window coverings that contain design work on the front side. The backside of the vinyl is black. Small perforations are located across the surface of the vinyl. The perforations are designed to provide visibility from the inside of a vehicle.

When seated in a vehicle, the eyes will naturally focus on the bright light that filters through the window covering. Because there are so many holes in this type of vinyl, the imagery that is seen will not be disrupted by the vinyl. The exterior side of the vinyl will appear opaque. Motorists and pedestrians will see the artwork, but they will not see the perforations.

Color Combinations And Artwork

A designer of vehicle wrap products will recommend using bright colors when choosing artwork for perforated vinyl. Bright colors will contrast with the black backside of a vinyl product. The differentiation in the colors will ensure that the frontside of the vinyl displays artwork, but that the backside of the vinyl provides clear visibility.

Once the colors are selected, a designer will create the artwork that will be displayed on both the windows and the body of a vehicle. Because a lot of holes will be running through the surface of perforated vinyl, a designer may recommend using low resolution graphics and lettering.

The perforations in the vinyl will not affect the quality of a low resolution picture or letters. The designer will use a cohesive design that will be used to cover both the windows and the body of the vehicle. 

Application Processes

Applying perforated vinyl and non-perforated vinyl will require a vehicle to be clean and dry. When treating the windows, soapy water is typically used. Lint-free cloths are used to remove residue from glass.

A vehicle wrap installer will use alignment marks and tape to ensure that perforated and non-perforated vinyl remains lined up.

Vinyl products contain an adhesive backing. The alignment marks and tape will keep a vinyl wrap product lined up securely while the adhesive is being attached to glass or exterior panels on a vehicle's body. The installer will use a squeegee to eliminate air bubbles from vinyl pieces that they have installed.