How To Prepare For Siding Installation: Things You Need To Know Before Your Siding Installation

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How To Prepare For Siding Installation: Things You Need To Know Before Your Siding Installation

26 July 2023
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Siding installation is a substantial investment that can improve your home's value. Whether you are planning on selling, refinancing, or just replacing the siding on your home, properly preparing for the siding installation process is essential for your safety and the overall quality of the job. The best way to ensure that your siding installation goes smoothly is to have everything in order beforehand. To help you prepare for your installation, here are some things to help you.

Gather Your Building Permits

The first thing to do before any work on your home begins is to make sure that you have all the necessary permits. If you're adding new siding to an existing house, this usually isn't much of an issue and can be done at any time. However, if you're building a new house or even just adding to your home, then it's important to get your permits as soon as possible and have them in hand before starting any construction work. Otherwise, there's a chance that you could be fined for doing work without proper permits in place.

Prepare the Outside of Your Home

One of the most important things that homeowners can do to prepare for siding installation is to prepare the outside of their home. This means cleaning up any debris and removing any weeds or other plants growing near the house. You may also have to repair and paint parts of your house that are damaged because this will make it easier for your contractor to install new siding in these areas.

Check for Structural Issues

Before installing new siding on your home, it's important that you check the structural integrity of your house. Look for signs of damage in the frame, walls, and roofing materials. If there are any issues with these areas, fix them before moving forward with your project.

Inspect Your Current Siding

Before you do anything else, it's important to get an accurate idea of what your current siding is made of and how well it's holding up. You can ask your contractor or supplier for assistance or hire a third-party inspector to examine the exterior of your home and provide a diagnosis. The sooner you know what kind of damage has been done over time, the better equipped you'll be to choose the right kind of siding for your needs.

By having these items checked and prepared prior to siding installation, you can have peace of mind that everything is in order. Contact a siding installation contractor to start planning a new exterior for your home. Reach out to a local service, such as 877 New Look Siding, to learn more.