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Replacing Your Windows With Efficient Varieties

If you have a cramped budget, small changes can make a huge difference. A few years ago, I realized that my windows seemed drafty, so I invested a little money into extra insulation and some window films. The insulation helped to keep climate controlled air from escaping through windowpanes, and the window films kept ultra violet light from heating up the inside of my house. This blog is all about replacing your windows with more efficient varieties, so that you don't have to worry about exorbitant energy bills. Check out these articles to learn how a few simple changes could improve your home.


4 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

16 June 2016
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Your windows are an extremely important part of both your home's interior and exterior design. They are also subjected to a significant amount of wear because of excessive exposure to the elements, causing them to break down. Worn down windows can pose a number of problems to your home, such as moisture accumulation and insulation problems. There are a number of things that you can look out for to determine when it's time to have your home's windows replaced. Read More …

Repainting Wooden Window Frames: Should You Do It Before Or After Window Installation?

19 May 2016
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If you have a really old house with wooden window frames and wooden clapboard siding, and you are about to replace the majority of the windows, you may be wondering about the appearance of the window frames. You could just replace the frames entirely with vinyl window frames when you replace the windows, but if you want to stay true to the style of the home, then that is not an option. Read More …

Comparing Valances, Swags, And Cornices

19 April 2016
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Valances, swags, and cornices are three of the most common types of window treatments available on the market. Though all of them are designed to complement the aesthetic of your window, they each have distinctive appearances. Understanding more info about what the differences are between these three different types of window treatments can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your home's windows. Valances  Valances are simple pieces of fabric which hang down from the top of the window frame. Read More …

4 Unique Window Design Ideas To Give Your Home Improvements With Personalized Features

21 February 2016
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Improving the windows in your home can be a great investment for better energy efficiency in your home. When you are replacing windows and doing other improvements, you may also want to change the look of old windows. This can be done by adding trim, treatments or exterior features like shutters, screens and window guards. Here are some of the features you may want to consider for windows to give your home a custom, personalized touch: Read More …

Cost-Effective And Energy-Efficient Windows

7 January 2016
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Replacing the windows in your home can be quite expensive. Thus, you may be tempted to buy the least expensive windows you can find. However, this is one case where trying to cut your costs up front can leave you exposed to bigger costs in the long run. Windows are poor insulators in general, but by paying a little extra for energy-efficient windows, you can drastically cut your cooling and heating costs. Read More …